We’ve just decided on our TRU offerings for the fall and want you to join us! This unique self-defense system was designed by Master Trina Pellegrini and is taught to women BY women. Come let our Academy teachers show you how to be more aware of your surroundings and want to do if you feel threatened! We’ve got two great options available for you!

TRU Women’s Empowerment and Personal Protection Two-Hour Seminar
Sunday, September 24 from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Registration:  $40 until September 15, $50 after September 15
Sign-up online or call (515) 314-0298.

If you’re not sure about this program, this is the place to start! Come learn about situational awareness, living in yellow and basic self-defense techniques. You’ll also see a preview of the more extensive training available in our six-week course.

Bonus:  If you attend this seminar and decide to sign-up for our six-week course, we’ll apply $40 of your registration fee toward your TRU enrollment!

TRU Women’s Empowerment and Personal Protection Six-Week Course
Sundays from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.
October 8 – November 12 (plus a make-up class on November 19)

Registration:  $79 (discounts available to people who have attended the TRU seminar)
Sign-up online or call (515) 314-0298.

This is the full women’s personal protection curriculum designed by Master Trina Pellegrini. Our certified female instructors will help you learn how to be aware of your surroundings and give you tools to deal with situations where you may feel threatened. The six-week course covers everything from how to escape from someone who has grabbed you, tools to deal with common situations and how to defend yourself on the ground.  Since we’re together every week, you get the opportunity to practice your skills!

Once you’ve participated in the TRU course, you will join our alumni group and be invited to join current students at the end of their session, allowing you to make connections and continue to review skills you’ve learned. Past participants may also repeat the course for half-price.

These are our last TRU classes for 2017. Don’t miss this opportunity!



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