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Good or bad?
Many will say it’s great, some will say they don’t like it.

Many of us love it. But again, there are many things about it I personally don’t like.

So, just to continue with my (thought sharing) I will share our latest conversation with the Sr. Instructors which we call our “Master’s Council”.

For us at the Academy we have never really had to have much more than just email and a website but since our opening of our own location last may we had to come up with something that would help us communicate as well as keep track of classes for not only the students but the instructors too as each level does have a minimum number of classes required at each level .

We tried a couple of different programs including payment processing since opening the Academy and after reviewing them we have found many of them to be cumbersome, awkward, confusing and sometimes just down right frustrating……

Ex. Students who accidentally lock out the iPad then no one can sign in to the next class until the instructors come and reset the iPad.

So after consulting the “Master’s Council” we decided that we should do something (old school) and go back to using the printed calendars for each and every students. These calendars will be printed on the back of the cards we will be using that will also have all the information a student needs to progress to the next rank. In essence it’s a great way to review what is needed from one level to another.

We will have cards available very soon for Tae Kwon Do and I will be updating the cards for Hapkido in the next few weeks and for weapons soon. Again, this way everyone will have the information required to progress right in front before each class and to review before attending class. These requirements are also available in the guides for each program.

Now, the cool thing instead of the students filling them out and putting them in a folder we are asking the students to bring them to the instructors leading class and they will fill them out at the end of the evening or after they are done instructing.

This also enables us to learn new student names as well as those students who may not normally attend our class there fore meeting new students and learning new names.

Again, this is kinda “old school” but it gives the instructors a great amount to work with as well as we can also review time limits between tests, information required at each level etc.

So again technology is a great thing but for keeping track of classes it has been more of a hassle than anything else so we will be working on implementing this in April.

Please continue to log in and keep track of your classes until the switch is made April 3rd .

TECHNOLOGY for our Auto payment system.

We have tried a couple of different systems and find they work ok but with today’s concerns for security, I looked and looked and looked for something that is PCI compliant.

We have a system that students, parents etc. will be able to simply swipe a card and the program will process the transaction and will not store any credit card information on the computer thus making it even safer for everyone.

This will start April 1st to process all monthly tuition payments made to the Academy and any other transactions that will be needed.

So, I love to hear about technology but my worry is how ofter every one is on it. From a self – defense aspect it can do nothing more than harm you as your focus is on whatever you are looking at. So please, look up and be aware.

Hope you enjoyed this and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Mr. Deaver